Postsecondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) Research Fellows is a program to enhance and strengthen postsecondary CTE research at universities nationwide through the establishment of the Postsecondary CTE Research Fellows Program at NC State University, sponsored by ECMC Foundation. The program, based in the NC State College of Education and was established in 2018 through a three-year, $2 million grant intended to enhance and strengthen postsecondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) research to improve student success. The program was extended with a 1.3 million grant to support the program until 2025.

About the Program

The Postsecondary CTE Fellows program is in its 3rd cohort. Our past Fellows are employed as faculty members, researchers, and leaders in postsecondary CTE. Each year, the program supports 10 Postsecondary CTE Research Fellows from institutions across the country who are graduate students (doctoral students in coursework and those entering the dissertation stage of research) and postdoctoral fellows proposing research that aligns with current issues related to the field of postsecondary CTE.

We welcome applicants from a variety of postsecondary institutions and academic disciplines, such as education, economics, sociology, and business. This is a hybrid program and relocation is not required to participate.

The Research Fellows programming is 1 year (August-August) and all qualifying Fellows will be provided support to participate in the required research training institutes, ECMC Foundation CTE Collaborative Convening, and to meet with their assigned research mentor. Additionally, Fellows will participate in research methods webinars during the year.

Preference will be given to research proposals that address postsecondary CTE in terms of improving student success or using CTE to address larger problems such as economic mobility. Our view of student success uses the pillars of learning, transfer, completion,
equity, and labor market outcomes. Projects can address one or more of these areas. Projects in other areas of postsecondary CTE are encouraged.


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We have designed this CTE Fellows program to provide scholars with the unique opportunity to be part of a community and a formal curriculum and mentoring to develop their research skills while working toward improving the field of Postsecondary CTE.

James E. Bartlett, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Meet Our Project Team

James Bartlett, Michelle Bartlett, and Jordan Dolfi stand in front of a projection screen that features an image of 4 people around a conference table shaking hands, and the words "CTE Leadership Collaborative Convening". A poster is behind them that is partially blocked, but the words "Supporting evidence-based innovation in postsecondary education" is visible.
(L-R) James Bartlett, Michelle Bartlett, and Jordan Dolfi at the inaugural ECMC Foundation Postsecondary CTE Leadership Collaborative, Washington, DC, 2019

James E. Bartlett II, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
Associate Professor

Michelle E. Bartlett, Ph.D.
Co-Principal Investigator
Associate Teaching Professor

J. Jordan Dolfi, Ed.D.
Program Coordinator



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